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Titel Schrijver Prijs
The Millenium Problems Devlin, Keith €9,00 Bekijk
The Longmans Literary Companion to Scoience Gratzer, Walter [ed.] €18,00 Bekijk
The Leopard's Spots. Scientific attitudes toward race in America 1815 - 59 Stanton, William €18,00 Bekijk
The Kaiser`s Chemists. Science and modernazation in imperial Germany Johnson, Jeffrey Allan €18,00 Bekijk
The Journal of Irreproducible Results. Selected Papers Ertel, James €22,00 Bekijk
The Hollingworth letters: technical change in the textile industry: 1826 - 1837 Leavitt, Thomas W. [ed.] €10,00 Bekijk
The freedom of necessity Bernal, J.D. €12,00 Bekijk
The force of knowledge, the scientific dimension of society Ziman, John €7,00 Bekijk
The ethical dilemma of science and other writings Hill, A.V. €12,00 Bekijk
The equation that couldn`t be solved. How mathematical genius discoverde the language of symmetry Livio, Mario €12,00 Bekijk
The Encyclopedia of Ignorance. Everything you always wnated to know about the unknown Duncan, Ronald & Miranda Weston-Smith [eds.] €7,00 Bekijk
The emergence of science in Western Europe Crosland, Maurice €16,00 Bekijk
The disunity of science. Boundaries, context, and power Galison, Peter, Stump, David J. (eds.) €24,00 Bekijk
The Discovery of Kepler's Laws. The interaction of science, philosophy, and religion Kozhamthadam S.J., Job €15,00 Bekijk
The discoverers I & II Boorstin, Daniel J. €45,00 Bekijk
The Cosmic Blueprint Davies, Paul €4,00 Bekijk
The Cambridge Dictionary of Scientists Millar, David, Ian Millar, John Millar, Margeret Millar €8,00 Bekijk
The atom in the history of human thought Pullman, Bernard €12,00 Bekijk
The ascent of science Silver, Brian L. €12,00 Bekijk
The Advancement of Learning and New Atlantis Bacon, Francis / Arthur Johnston [ed.] €9,00 Bekijk

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